Creating Your Home Page 

After surfing the web for a few days, you may want to try creating your own web home page. 

You may first want to start by looking at a few pages other people have done and select "view source" in your web browser to see how they were constructed. You should look at any pointers labeled "what's cool" or "hot links." They should, hopefully, lead you to sites some people think are interesting. You can always choose to make a copy of a web page you find appealing so that you can go through the html and see how it was written later. There are also numerous beginners' guides available on the web. A simple search at Yahoo is a great place to start. 

Setting up your home directory is fairly carefully and use this page as a guide as you go step-by-step!

Once you are ready, here are the directions for putting the home page up in your account. 

1. First, you will need to create a subdirectory called "public_html" in your unix account's home directory.

2. Log into your unix account. 
          This can been done using telnet 
          <START> <RUN> ENTER: telnet 
          <Select OK>. 

Or it can be done right from your browser on newer machines by entering (in the address bar): 

3. Use your regular account name and password to login, just press <ENTER> at the TERM prompt.

4. Once logged in on our server, enter: 
     mkdir public_html 
     and then follow it by entering 
     chmod 757 public_html. 

This will create the proper subdirectory and change the UNIX permissions so that people can read what you put inside that directory. This directory will be the storage place for your html pages.

5. Next enter chmod 755 $HOME (typed EXACTLY as shown - the DollarSign HOME must be all together and all CAPS!) to change the permissions on your account so people can find your WEB pages. 

6. You can now enter exit to log-off the server since everything else can mostly be done right from your home machine... 

7. Next put your html page in this new subdirectory, using ftp, but name the new file "index.html". This is the default file for your home page. 

8. That should do it. Your new home page is now located at and is readable by all on the Internet. 

You may feel obliged to include some reference to the fact that your site is under construction. Don't worry, every home page is under construction. If you have problems getting your home page up or if this guide doesn't make sense just email your questions to

Members, be sure to check our "Members Only" section for some cool information and downloads for home page building!

If you don't know how to go about designing a home page but would love to have one, NetObjects Fusion may be the thing you need!  It requires no knowledge of html, does your linking from page to page for you, it helps you with every detail of creating your home or business site.  It even helps you design your own "store front" for E-Commerce and so much more!  Click the button below and see for yourself what it does and if it would be the answer for you.

NetObjects Fusion


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