Generic PPP Configuration 
IP address: 
(on some demo or samplers only is accepted)

Default gateway: 
This is not needed as PPP defaults to our terminal server as the default gateway. If your software does require an entry in this field, then use

Domain name:
(the periods often referred to as dots are very important in computer names as are upper and lower case)

Domain name server:  -or-  -or-  -or-
also known as

Secondary name server: 
not needed

SMTP host server:

POP3 host server: (so a popmail account for Eudorra would be Alternatively you can easily check your mail using programs like 'mail' or 'elm" from your shell account.

Subnet Mask: 
There is no need for this as we dynamically allocate IP addresses for you.

Web server:
We recommend you set your web browser such as Mosaic, Netscape, Mac Web and so on to default to our home page so as to keep current with  the latest information at ECSIS.  This will be one of the alternate ways  we communicate with you. You are of course also responsible for reading  your email as that is the primary means of communicating important news regarding ECSIS to you.

You can always email for assistance in specific questions. There is a help application that contains information on several areas  that have frequently asked questions. You can reach this application at  your shell account by simply typing help.


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