Configuring MacTCP and Config PPP
You should print this document for easy reference while configuring MacTCP and Config PPP. For purposes of this document, information that you type in is shown set off by " ". Do not actually type " " around your text. This document assumes you know basic Macintosh operations such as opening and closing windows and selecting buttons and boxes, etc.
1. Configuring MacTCP
1. From the Install disk that comes with Internet Starter Kit select custom
install and choose "Generic PPP and apps" as the install selection.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Open MacTCP from your Control Panels folder.

4. Choose PPP in the MacTCP window. PPP should now be highlighted.

5. Click on the "More..." button at the bottom of the MacTCP window. A new window will open.

6. Under "Obtain Address" select the button next to "Server."

7. Under "Routing Information" the "Gateway Address:" should be

8. Under "IP Address" the Class should be set to "C".

9. Under "Domain Name Server Information" set "Domain" to "" and set the "IP Address" to "" and click on the "Default" button. 

10. Click on the "OK" button to close the dialog window.

11. Close the MacTCP window and restart your computer.

2. Configuring Config PPP
1. From the Control Panels folder open Config PPP.

2. In the "Port Name" window choose the port you connect your modem to.

3. Set "Idle Timeout (minutes):" to None.

4. Set "Echo Interval (seconds):" to Off

5. "Teminal Window" should be checked

6. "Hangup on Close" should be checked.

7. "Quiet Mode" should be unchecked.

8. Click on the "New..." button and type "ecsis" in the text box.

9. Click on the "OK" button to close the text box.

10. "PPP Server:" should now say ecsis.

11. Click on the "Config..." button to open a new dialog box.

12. ecsis should be highlighted in the "PPP Server Name" box.

13. Set "Port Speed:" to 38400.

14. Set "Flow Control:" to CTS Only.

15. Click the "Tone Dial" button unless your phone line is on a pulse dial system.

16. In the "Phone Number" box enter "286-6755". If you are outside the local area enter "1-731-286-6755".

17. Leave the modem init box blank unless you know that your modem requires a specific set of init characters.

18. Set "Modem Connect Timeout" to "90" seconds.

19. Click on the "Authentication" button to open a new dialog box.

20. Enter your loginID in the first box.

21. Enter your password in the second box.

22. Change wait timeout to 10 seconds.

23. Click on the "OK" button to close that dialog window.

24. Click on the "Done" button to close the "Config..." dialog window.

25. You are now ready to start a PPP session. Close the Config PPP window. Make sure your modem is turned on. Launch any Internet application such as MacWeb or Turbogopher. Within a few seconds you should see a window open which will show the login sequence as it happens. When the sequence is completed, you will see the word "Network" in the window, and the window will close. Your PPP newtork connection is now open and your Internet application is active.

26. When you are finished with your Internet application, open your Config PPP Control panel and click the "Hard Close" button. Your network connection will close and your modem will automatically hang up.


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