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What is a shell account? 
Standard UNIX shell accounts connect your terminal emulation software through your modem to our computers. Our computers, which are on the Internet, can provide you with a gateway to the Internet. From our host machines or servers, you can navigate all over the Internet, however, an understanding of UNIX is usually required to operate programs on our servers. UNIX is in many ways the forefather of most modern operating systems, for example if you work on an IBM and have used DOS, it is actually quite similar. 

You can use commands like cp to copy files, mv to move files, and rm to remove (delete so be careful) them. 

If you think you are going to need to use UNIX alot, there are several books that are very good begginer guides at most major bookstores. However the nice thing about UNIX is that it has a reference manual built into it for every command you would ever run. 

For example typing "man cp" will give you the manual pages for the "copy" command. 

Also, on most Unix systems, you can enter a question (?) mark at the prompt to request a list of commands that are available... 



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