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These few pages are designed to help both new and old surfers learn how to get around the Information Super Highway without running into too many obstacles. While not containing detail about every possible function on the net (impossible to do), we hope that over a period of time we will grow to have most common problem areas covered here.

USA HUMAN Customer Support
On-Line Customer Support
Tips On Navigating Our Site Y2K Informational Help
Virus Alerts and Assistance Getting the most from your modem
Common Unix Commands ECSIS Windows 95 Set-Up
New To Net Help ECSIS Windows 98 First Edition Set-Up
Members Only Help ECSIS Windows 98 Second Edition Set-Up
Macintosh TCP & PPP Walkthrough ECSIS Windows ME Setup
NSCA SoftWare Development Group Mail Software Settings
Making a homepage Shell account info
Shell Vs. PPP excerpt More Help?  E-Mail The Web Master!
NSCA SoftWare Development Group Auxillary PPP Software Configuration Information


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